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    LETTER: Clarification

    2018 - 07.09

    The Tribune welcomes letters to the editor.Dear Editor,

    I wish to set the record straight on some references to me and my opinions concerning the Council’s proposal to increase general Rates by 10.9% reported by in last Friday’s edition.

    Firstly, the article reads as if I was at the public meeting and made the statements at that meeting. This is incorrect, I did not attend that meeting.

    Secondly, what I have done is write a submission for the consideration of Council, at Council’s request, and submitted it online. I have shared that submission with a couple of friends who share my concern about this proposal. I did not personally show this submission to Touie Smith Snr and I certainly did not authorise him to send it to the Tribune or to share it with anyone else. I have not had any contact from the Tribune to seek my opinions first hand or to test if your proposed reporting of my submission was accurate nor have I authorised the Tribune to quote from that submission.

    What I did in my submission was to raise several issues concerning the sourcing of funds for community projects and to ask questions about whether all of the sourcing options had been fully investigated before using Council (ie ratepayers’) funds for those worthy causes. In the case of the Community Centre, I believe that the former Federal Government had legislated funding in its final budget for the work and the Abbott Government had withdrawn that funding. Then Minister Hodgkinson had also offered to seek funding from the NSW Government’s community development fund. I asked in my submission if those options had been actively pursued by Council before opting to find the money from its own resources.

    I am not sure of the status of the submissions made by residents – are they in the public domain? Irrespective, I believe a submission should be accurately reported and not be cherry picked for the bits that suit the story.

    Finally, it is well known that Touie Smith Snr has some “issues” with Council. I am certainly not aligning myself with his concerns.

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    Countdown on for smoking ban

    2018 - 07.09

    ALL commercial outdoor dining areas in NSW, including hotels, clubs, restaurants and cafes will be smoke-free within 6 months under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000, NSW Health announced last week.

    From 6 July 2015, staff and patrons of hotels, clubs, restaurants and cafes will be able to work and dine outdoors without being exposed to harmful second-hand tobacco smoke.

    Since the beginning of 2013, smoking has been banned in a number of outdoor public places including all NSW public transport stops and stations, within 10m of children’s playgrounds, at spectator areas of sporting grounds, at public swimming pools and within 4m of a pedestrian entrance to or exit from a public building, under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000.

    NSW Health Director of the Centre for Population Health, Dr Jo Mitchell, said the ban on smoking in commercial outdoor dining areas is the next step in the NSW Government’s efforts to protect the public from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

    “There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke,” said Dr Mitchell.

    “Research has shown individuals in typical public outdoor dining areas may be exposed to high levels of second-hand smoke.

    “Creating smoke-free outdoor areas reduces exposure to second-hand smoke and can support those who have quit and are trying to quit. It also makes smoking less visible to children and young people.”

    Under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000, smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes and water-pipes) will be banned in seated outdoor dining areas while food is being served, with NSW Health Authorised Inspectors able to issue on the spot fines of $300 for individuals and penalties of up to $5500 for occupiers who ignore the ban.

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    LETTER: Rates still the hot topic

    2018 - 07.09

    The Tribune welcomes letters to the Editor.Dear Editor,

    The recent debacle of the contradictory press releases from council relating to the two public meetings may be glibly dismissed in high places as a simple mistake.

    However given the importance of these community consultations it is sadly more indicative of the lack of importance placed by council on these meetings.

    That this “simple” error was not corrected on their own website until a few hours before the meeting is nothing short of incompetence.

    The same error I have no doubt resulted in some people heading to Murrumbateman when the meeting was, of course, in Yass and undoubtedly contributed to the relatively low attendance at the Tuesday night meeting.

    Given that council has had, at least, the best part of two months to prepare the case, the presentation was at best patronising, at worst pathetically under done, and it is hardly surprising that the sounds of concern over the capacity of this council to function effectively are increasing in volume on a daily basis. The best on offer from council was a choice between higher rates or reduced services and there seemed to be genuine surprise by those at the front that the community should dare to mention alternatives that might be considered before heading off to IPART.

    We really don’t need yet another advisory committee if the bulk of the councillors would only do what they were elected to do in the first place and start representing those who elected them, and the best interests of the community of the Yass Valley, instead of treating both with the contempt shown at their first “community consultation”.

    Yours sincerely,

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    Kurri Chamber hosts candidates forum

    2018 - 07.09

    Kurri District Business Chamber’ will host its informative ‘Meet the Candidates’ forum at its first dinner meeting for 2015 on Tuesday February 10 at Hunter Valley Hotel Academy (Kurri TAFE).

    Member for Cessnock Clayton Barr (ALP) and Nationals candidate Gary ‘Angry’ Anderson will speak on the night.

    Each candidate will be given 15 minutes to explain their policies and opinions on what they see as the big issues facing NSW and the Cessnock electorate over the next four years.

    Chamber president Rod Doherty said jobs, hospitals, transport, infrastructure and policing are high on the priority list and it is hoped that the candidates will address some of these issues.

    “With the completion of the Hunter Expressway exponential growth is expected for the area. We need to be prepared and plan for the growth spurt,” he said.

    The dinner will start at 6.30pm with a three-course meal for $30 per person.

    Call Rod on 0409 448 191 or email [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校 by Thursday to RSVP. No public bookings will be taken after this date.


    NSW will go to the polls on Saturday, March 28.

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    Portland man charged with incest after police find graphic images

    2018 - 07.09

    The Warrnambool police sex offences and child abuse investigation team said police executed a Commonwealth warrant at a Portland property in relation to pornography.A PORTLAND district man has been charged with incest after police executed a search warrant at his home on Tuesday and found graphic images of the man with his step daughter.

    Detective Sergeant Chris Asenjo, of the Warrnambool police sex offences and child abuse investigation team said police executed a Commonwealth warrant at the property in relation to pornography.

    “A number of items were seized and analysis of internet cloud storage software Dropbox identified there were a number of images of the man engaged in intercourse with his adult step daughter,” he said.

    “The man was remanded in custody overnight and is expected to appear in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court today for a bail/remand application.”

    Detective Sergeant Asenjo said it was expected police would oppose bail.

    The man has been charged with one representative count of incest but further charges are expected to be laid after investigations are conducted on the images.

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    Have you got the need for speed?

    2018 - 07.09

    SPEED: South Australian Speedway Kart Association secretary Christine Allen is hoping to get Whyalla drivers into Speedway Karting. Pictured competing at the recent Westline Speedway race meet was Chris Reid.In a first for Whyalla, Westline Speedway recently hosted a speedway kart competition which ran at with seven drivers nominated.

    South Australian Speedway Kart Association secretary Christine Allen is now hoping to run speedway karts at all Westline Speedway race meetings.

    Mrs Allen said she intended to make speedway karts a regular class in Whyalla meetings.

    “My hope is to get enough drivers interested, that we can run speedway karts at every race meeting at Westline Speedway, Whyalla,” she said.

    “Eventually, I am hoping that we can get enough interest that we can run our own separate events as well.

    “This will give junior classes the opportunity to compete as well.”

    Mrs Allen said speedway karting was “very strong” in Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territoryand Tasmania but there was less interest in South Australia.

    “We have struggled to get any interest from drivers in South Australia; however, this year it is South Australia’s turn to host the Australian Speedway Kart Title, so we are making a big effort to get some interest,” she said.

    The Australian Speedway Kart Title will be held in Waikerie on the Anzac weekend.

    “Drivers need at least two race meetings to qualify, but there is still time, and we would really love to get some local Whyalla drivers,” Mrs Allen said.

    Mrs Allen said a speedway kart was the same as a traditional bitumen kart, but could run on any tyre, and unlike the traditional bitumen kart, drivers don’t need the “absolute best” equipment to race.

    “Speedway karting is the cheapest and easiest speedway class to become involved in,” she said.

    “Speedway karts are licensed and insured by the same organisation that covers other speedway classes such as super sedans or sprintcars.

    “We race at actual real speedway venues, but they do need a track surface which can be graded quite flat; Westline Speedway in Whyalla is absolutely perfect.”

    Mrs Allen said karting was a family sport with several classes of kart, including a sub-junior class starting at seven years of age.

    For more information head to, http://southaustralianspeedwaykarts.weebly苏州美甲美睫培训学校/

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    Chinese teen chops hand off to ‘cure’ internet addiction

    2018 - 07.09

    Beijing: A Chinese teenager has been rushed to hospital after chopping off his hand in a desperate attempt to cure his addiction to the internet.

    There are currently an estimated 24 million young “web junkies” in China, according to official estimates and a growing number of clinics and military-style “boot camps” designed to rehabilitate them.

    However, hoping to rid himself of the vice, one 19-year-old from the city of Nantong in Jiangsu province took drastic measures of his own. He hacked his left hand off, according to a report on the Jiangsu TV channel.

    “We cannot accept what has happened. It was completely out of the blue. He was a smart boy,” his mother, who declined to be identified, told reporters.

    The woman said she had gone to her son’s bedroom at around 11pm last Wednesday only to find that he had disappeared. She found a handwritten note on the bed in which he should have been sleeping.

    “Mum, I have gone to hospital for a while,” it read. “Don’t worry. I will definitely come back this evening.”

    By then, her son, who was identified only as “Little Wang” had already smuggled a kitchen knife from their home and snuck out. Safely out of sight, the teenager severed his left hand at the wrist. He called a taxi to take him a nearby Hospital Emergency Room and left the hand lying on the ground.

    Local television broadcast gory images of a bloodstained bench on which the boy had reportedly been sitting when he cut off his hand.

    Surgeons at a local university hospital managed to reattach the hand after it was recovered by police but said they could not guarantee full mobility would return. One of the boy’s teachers, who was not named, blamed his actions on an internet addiction which had made him “impetuous”.

    Campaigners say Asian countries such as China, which boasts some 649 million internet users, are in the midst of a major online addiction epidemic.

    Tao Ran, an army psychologist who runs a well-known Beijing rehab centre for internet addicts, estimated that around 14 per cent of his country’s youth were now hooked.

    Symptoms ranged from young people who skipped lessons at school to others who were so severely addicted that they rarely left their bedrooms and inhabited an almost entirely virtual universe.

    “They only do two things: sleeping and playing,” said Mr Tao, who traced the crisis back around a decade.

    Politicians are also starting to take note. Last month Taiwanese lawmakers approved changes to legislation that meant authorities could fine parents who allowed their children to spend excessive amounts of time using “electronic products”.

    In Japan, internet “fasting camps” have been set up in response to claims that hundreds of thousands of teenagers are abandoning the real world for the virtual one.

    In late 2013, Shanghai approved new laws demanding that parents take action to “prevent and stop minors smoking, drinking alcohol, roaming the streets, or being overindulgent with online and electronic games”.

    Mr Tao, from the Beijing rehabilitation centre, said even more radical steps were needed.

    Children under the age of seven should be kept away from the internet and online games. Under-18s should be forbidden from stepping inside internet cafés, he said.

    “I heard about the young man who chopped off his hand,” Mr Tao added. “But I fear he will become addicted again.”

    The Telegraph, London

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    Netball stars to represent the region

    2018 - 07.09

    Twenty-five local netballers have been selected to represent Whyalla and the region in the Spencer Netball Regional Academy.

    Spencer Netball Regional Academy (SNRA) head coach Erin Pascoe said she was impressed with the skill standard of Whyalla players.

    “The standard of training was at a great standard and we are aiming to develop their fitness, skill level and understanding of the game over the next few months,” she said.

    “The expectations we have from academy personnel for each individual player on the way they address the program is very high.”

    Mrs Pascoe said the academy program was a developmental pathway aimed at improving players’ basic skills and to develop them to reach their full potential.

    “As part of the Regional Academy Program Review, academies are to remain focussed on athlete development following the Dare to Develop a Diamond Academy Program,” she said.

    “Academy trainings are held once a month and the sessions will focus on skill development and specialist areas related to netball and sport.”

    As well as trainings, players are also expected to keep up fitness levels as they are provided with a fitness program they are to follow.

    The first training will be a team bonding camp which will be held in Port Augusta on Saturday, April 11 and 12.

    The players will participate in a range of aquatic sports, team building exercises, skit night and netball sessions.

    Mrs Pascoe said organisers were hoping state league affiliated club Matrics would also attend the camp for skills sessions.


    Shantae Barnes

    Sienna Cabban

    Lucy Cole

    Jaylee Daniels

    Makayla Ernesti

    Tullie Harris

    Georgia Hoffman

    Britney Jackson

    Lucy Janiak

    Maddison Targett

    Tanaye Watson


    Jorja Eldridge

    Ruby Fisher

    Tayla Hart-Aluni

    Madison Hoffman

    Alice Morgan

    Hayley Radford


    Nellie Cowan

    Madeline Foran

    Talia Hines

    Ashlin Holmes

    Katelin Morgan

    Sarah Simmonds

    Mary Simpfendorfer

    Morgan Skinner

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    Murray takes a punt on retirement

    2018 - 07.09

    Bookmaker Murray Telfer will be retiring after this Sunday s MiniJumbuk Naracoorte Cup after a long career dating back to the 1970s. He has been a constant figure over the last 40-plus years at the Naracoorte Cup, as well as other race meetings around the SE and further abroad.

    MEN like Murray Telfer are a dying breed.

    With the age of smartphones and more access to the TAB meaning people can gamble on sporting events more readily, on-course bookmakers like Murray – the State’s second most experienced bookie behind Adelaide’s Denis Wells – are becoming a thing of the past.

    “I don’t think they’ll be around much longer,” Murray said about on-course bookmakers, citing their already dwindling numbers at race meetings which have gone from Saturdays to Thursdays and Sundays – affecting attendance.

    This month’sMiniJumbuk Naracoorte Cup was Murray’s 41st and last as a “bookie” after a career dating back to December 7, 1974.

    Murray said his age and low attendances at race meetings had brought about the decision to retire.

    “Apart from the cup meetings, the rest of the time not enough people go to the races,” he said.

    “On those days you can’t win much but you certainly can lose it.”

    From his high school days Murray, who spent the first 45 years of his life at Tantanoola, was always gifted at maths and saw bookmaking as a chance to use those skills.

    “My family weren’t involved in racing but when I was a kid I had tuberculosis of the lungs and I spent time in the Frome Ward of the Royal Adelaide Hospital,” he said. “People in there were into horse racing.”

    A keen interest in sport also helped as Murray became involved in the betting industry and from there on his career grew.

    Murray said a highlight of his career was working on the rails at the Adelaide Cup as one of only two country bookmakers.

    “There were normally six on the rails that day,” he said. “They invited us (Murray and Robert Fox) up to make eight.”

    Murray recalled a rollercoaster day at the Adelaide Cup with the most money he had ever held on one day, the most he had held on one race and one of the worst races he had ever had.

    “The first race we lost $5500,” he said.

    “The horse was backed from 12-1 to 4-1 and it got up – but I don’t think it ever won another race.

    “On the second race we won $5600 – so we were $100 up.”

    There are the lowlights as well – from big losses to questionable steward decisions regarding protests.

    “Not all of them have been honest I think,” Murray said.

    “Sometimes I think it depends on who has backed it.”

    He even recalled the early days of straight course greyhound racing at Mil Lel in the mid 70s.

    “I did two years there then one day I noticed there was this one good dog (in those days it was only a two dog race) that kept on winning,” Murray said.

    “But they backed the other one.”

    Murray recalled the good dog noticeably limping and from then on he didn’t operate there.

    He even said at one Naracoorte Cup he witnessed a horse, with an official of the SA Jockey Club one of its backers, get beaten – only for an “absolutely ridiculous” protest to be upheld.

    Despite incidents like this, Murray said he’d miss being a part of it all.

    “I’ll miss it though, I’ll miss the big meetings,” he said.

    Bookmaking has been a family thing for Murray too, with his children, wife and even friends working for him at one point or another.

    This allowed Murray to travel around and be involved in other passions in life such as bowls.

    “In 1986 we were in Perth at a bowls carnival and Sue rang home to see how things were going,” Murray said.

    “They said ‘Do you want the good news or the bad news first’ – the bad news was we’d had two inches of rain.

    “The good news was they won $11,000.”

    Murray is the SA organiser for the Australian Turf Bowling Carnival – celebrating its 50th anniversary in Bendigo this year – and has been for the past 25 years.

    Running these events in Adelaide for 200-250 people has allowed Murray to meet many people and forge strong bonds according to Sue.

    “The friends you meet in sport are your friends for life,” Sue said.

    Golf, although it took a back seat to bookmaking, was another pastime for Murray.

    “I won the Mount Gambier championship in 1967,” he said.

    “And the SE Open in 1967, Millicent in 1969 – I haven’t won anything since.”

    He is also a three time premiership player with the Centrals Baseball Club – winning titles in 1960, 62 and 64.

    “The last one we won 1-0 in the 11th innings,” Murray recalled.

    To celebrate his retirement on cup day, all of Murray’s children and old staff came back to help out one last time.

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    Julie Bishop ‘insulted, offended’ after loyalty to Tony Abbott questioned

    2018 - 07.09

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott arrives at Parliament House in Canberra ahead of a cabinet meeting. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen Malcolm Turnbull drives himself to Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday morning. Photo: Andrew Meares

    Social Services Minister Scott Morrison arrives at Parliament House. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

    Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop runs to Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday. Photo: Andrew Meares

    Politics Live: Tony Abbott faces leadership crisisLiberals MPs slam Tony Abbott’s leadership, decisions

    Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop felt “insulted” and “offended” at having to prove her loyalty to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a cabinet colleague has revealed.

    Ms Bishop was forced to pledge she would not challenge Mr Abbott for the top job during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday. A damaging leak earlier in the day suggested she refused to provide the Prime Minister with the same promise when asked in person on Sunday night.

    The leak came 24 hours after Fairfax Media revealed Ms Bishop and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull were weighing up their leadership options for the first time.

    But Education Minister Christopher Pyne said Ms Bishop felt her loyalty should be “unquestioned” because she has always been loyal to Mr Abbott.

    “Well Julie has been the deputy since 2007 and I think she was insulted a little, offended a bit about the idea that she wasn’t totally loyal to Tony Abbott,” Mr Pyne told Nine’s Today show.

    “I think she felt that she didn’t need to prove her loyalty, I can understand that.”

    Ms Bishop’s apparent anger echoes that of Julia Gillard, who as deputy Labor leader decided to challenge Kevin Rudd in 2010 after a report emerged that revealed he questioned her loyalty.

    Ms Bishop, the Foreign Minister, told her cabinet colleagues she is not campaigning for the leadership or phoning backbenchers for support.

    Ms Bishop has reserved her right to contest if there is a spill and all positions, including hers, are declared open but has privately told colleagues who complain about Mr Abbott that she has no intention of being “Lady Macbeth” and to take their problems directly to the Prime Minister’s office so they can be resolved.

    A group of cabinet ministers rallied around the Prime Minister on Wednesday morning, describing agitation for a leadership ballot as coming from a small group of “valued colleagues”.

    The latest round of destabilisation was triggered by Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen, who in a wave of media appearances on Tuesday night declared he no longer supports Mr Abbott and doubts he can salvage the Coalition’s electoral prospects.

    Various media outlets are reporting up to 30 MPs are ready to vote against Mr Abbott but Treasurer Joe Hockey called on them to reveal their identities if they are genuine.

    “If there’s dozens, come out, otherwise our job is to focus on what’s best for the Australian people,” he told reporters at Parliament House.

    Mr Hockey said the suggestion that the Prime Minister should lose his job as a result of his Captain’s call to knight Prince Philip was “absurd”.

    “You don’t try to bring down a PM because of a knighthood for Prince Phillip. Even as a republican I think that is absolutely absurd,” Mr Hockey said.

    Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said with “no alternative candidate” the Prime Minister enjoyed the support of the party room and batted away questions about whether or not Mr Abbott would agree to any request for a ballot.

    “You’re getting way ahead of yourself, that is not the position we’re in,” he said.

    Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce blamed recent political turmoil on “a full moon”.

    “The uncertainty that’s happened in the Northern Territory, we’ve got the uncertainty that’s happened in Queensland, I don’t know what I’m going to put it down to but I’m going to put it down to the full moon,” he said.

    “The last thing we want, the last thing Australians will accept, is chaos because they’re better than that and we are better than that and the reality is the cabinet is as one.

    “If you mimic the Labor Party you will get the outcome of the Labor Party.”

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