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    How to talk to your daughter about weight

    2019 - 03.16

    “Body hatred isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel about how you look.” File pictureMy mum has spent her life believing that she’s fat and hating herself for it. Her dearest wish was to spare me that fate.

    With the very best intentions she closely monitored my developing body, talked constantly about the perils of weight gain and policed my appetite in a way that she never did with my brothers.

    She didn’t realise that she was helping to instil in me the very thing she was trying so hard to avoid: body hatred. When you’re taught that your body weight is central to your worth and happiness, and that snacking on anything other than celery sticks is shameful, developing body insecurity is almost inevitable — regardless of your BMI.

    Body hatred isn’t about how you look, it’s about how youfeelabout how you look.

    I have interviewed women with supermodel physiques who loathe their bodies and are obsessed with losing the ‘last five kilograms’. And I know of women with bigger bodies than me who haven’t a shred of body hatred. One acquaintance recently exclaimed ‘I wish somebody would make jeans that fit properly’. In her view, the problem resides with Levis, not with her larger body.

    Having the ‘right’ body doesn’t inoculate people from body hatred. That can only be achieved by having the right thoughts. With my daughters, I’m determined to do things differently. I’ve adopted the following strategies for avoiding body hatred.

    1. Never talk about body weight

    I never talk about my own weight or anybody else’s in the presence of my girls. When people talk about weight in front of my girls I do my best to neutralise it — it’s just another part of the rich tapestry of life. I want them to understand that a person’s weight is as unrelated to self-worth as their height.

    2. Never talk about food in terms of calories or what’s fattening

    When we talk about food we talk about its nutritional value. My five year old Violet understands that she needs to eat a variety of foods every day. Some foods make her grow, run fast, and lift heavy things. Others help her learn, and prevent her from getting sick. And some are just yummy.

    3. There are no banned foods

    I don’t prohibit any foods because I don’t want to create a closet eater or create any sort of good/bad associations. Violet understands that she can eat processed foods some times because they taste good and they are part of social rituals (such a birthday cake) but they don’t help her body grow. If she ate too much cake, then she wouldn’t be able to fit in all the other foods that her body needs.

    4. There is only one food rule

    I want my girls to feel in control of their own appetites. I tell Violet that her body knows when it’s hungry and when it’s full, so all she needs to do is listen to it. I don’t force her to eat when she doesn’t want to. I also don’t want to incite a food war or power struggle at the dining table.

    The only rule we have at meal times is that Violet needs to eat something of everything on her plate so that her body gets the variety of nutrients that it needs to grow and be healthy. Sometimes this means she will only eat one of her peas or half a bean. Feeling in control of her own appetite and trusting her body’s signals is more important than how much she eats.

    5. Focus on how bodies work rather than how they look

    We celebrate all the amazing things Violet can do with her body — such as running, jumping, skipping, rolling. She has come to value her body in terms of what it can do rather than how it looks.

    When she pokes my wobbly belly I tell her that that is my trophy from growing her and her sister, and isn’t it amazing that my body was able to make not just one darling girl, but two!

    My girls are five years and nine months old, and only time will tell if my strategies will succeed in raising children with positive body images.

    I’m also acutely aware that mothers don’t hold the only keys to their daughters’ body images. The diet, beauty and cosmetic surgery industries are masterful in cultivating insecurity in girls and women.

    But I’m not going to surrender to them without a fight. I want my girls to know that in the battle between their self worth and all the people who seek to profit from destroying it, I will always be in their corner.

    My job is to help my girls love their bodies, not hate them. And by doing so I hope they will make healthy choices, because we are more likely to look after the things we love.


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    Varied weather for fishos

    2019 - 03.16

    In the points: Allan Kilpatrick with his good sized snapper.

    Good outing: Mick Winchester bagged a 2.82kg jewfish.

    Mixed bag: Dan Murphy weighed-in four mullet, a flathed and a bream.

    WAUCHOPE RSL Fishing Club held its monthly outing on the weekend of January 9, 10 and 11, and with the weather not sure what it wanted to do gave a pretty mixed result for the weigh-in.

    The beach/rock and estuary: Mick Winchester had a good outing with a jewfish and a bream, his jewfish weighing about 2.82kg, and his bream about 0.300kg.

    Dan Murphy had a mullet of a time weighing in 6 fish – 4 mullet, 1 flathead, and a bream. His biggest mullet weighed about 0.780kg, his bream weighing around 0.400kg, and his flathead about 0.350kg.

    Pat MacInherny weighed in 10 bream, his biggest about 0.500kg.

    Our new boy Tim Hall in his first outing weighed in 1 flathead of about 0.330kg. A good effort from Tim being his first outing and gaining 2 points

    Dan and Mick were very close in weight, with Mick coming out on top by only 0.047kg. This time Mick took the 5 points, Dan was the bridesmaid with 4 points, Pat with 3 points, and Tim with 2 points for the top 5 bag weight. In the top 5 species it was a role reversal for Dan and Mick, with Dan taking 5 points and Mick the bridesmaid with 4 points.

    Deep sea/estuary: For the deep sea boys and girls there was not a lot of opportunity to get out but Allan Kilpatrick (big Al) managed the conditions and was able to get a good bag of fish – being a good snapper of 1.80kg in the top 5 species, and top 5 bag weight of 3.22kg, with some morwong, flathead and pearl perch in the mix. Allan took the 5 points in both top 5 species and bag weight.

    Mick Winchester weighed in an out-of-comp fish, being a beaut snapper of 4.19kg.

    On a not so pleasant note, with plenty of crabs around unfortunately there is a minority who are taking traps and witches hats that are not theirs, despite floats being clearly marked. A nice piece of paper from the Fisheries is on its way to people who were seen recently this, and or perhaps a visit from the local authorities.

    We would like to thank our sponsors, they are Kyle Clarke Electrical, Pat McInherny plumbing, Dan Murphy Pressure Cleaning Roof Repairs and Roof Restoration, Settlement Point Boat Shed, Wauchope RSL Club, and the Wauchope Gazette for their continued support

    Our next club outing will be on February the 6, 7 and 8, with lines down at 6pm Friday and the weigh-in at the back of the Wauchope RSL Club BBQ area at 2pm on Sunday.

    The target species are as follows:

    All juniors – Beach/rock and estuary – catfish, garfish, whiting.

    Seniors – Beach/rock and estuary – whiting, jewfish, garfish.

    Deep sea/estuary – dolphin fish, snapper, morwong.

    Well done to those who went out, with some great fish being caught.

    Remember if you don’t catch any of the above species but have caught fish you can still weigh your catch for the overall weight and pointscore. So come down, bring your catch have a barbecue, we’d love to see you there.

    Till next time safe travelling, good fishing and tight lines to you all.

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    Local government reform up for discussion

    2019 - 03.16

    Boorowa Council is asking the community to attend one of four Community Forums to be held in February to discuss Local Government Reform.

    The Mayor, Cr Wendy Tuckerman has written to all ratepayers to advise them of the dates and the importance of providing feedback to assist Council in preparing a submission for the State Government’s “Fit for the Future” initiative by the end of June.

    Mayor Tuckerman said, “Council would strongly welcome your assistance to help them make decisions that are right for our future and the first step in doing this is to understand the context of what has been happening with reform.”

    To assist in better understanding why change is likely to occur and what the options are for our Council, a community briefing paper was also provided. All the information will be available on the Boorowa Councils website, including the consultants Hilltops Region Governance and Service Delivery Report.

    Council is also aware that not all residents are ratepayers and a mail drop of an information flyer regarding the forums will also be circulated.

    For those who are unable to access the internet, access is available through the Boorowa Library or the Council administration building.

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    Novak’s thanks to his Kendall supportersVIDEO

    2019 - 03.16

    AUSTRALIAN Open champion and Kendall’s favourite son, Novak Djokovic, has delivered a personal video to the town he represented in the big tournament.

    Novak Djokovic has posted a personal message to his Kendall supporters after winning the Australian Open. Pic: GETTY IMAGES

    Sitting next to the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup – the trophy which will be in Kendall for the town’s upcoming street party – Novak thanked the town for its support during the Open.

    Kendall Tennis Club president Wendy Hudson was thrilled to be recognised by the best tennis player in the world.

    “This personal message from the world No.1 player is better than any celebration,” Hudson said.

    “We have been Tweeting and Facebooking Novak since day one and to receive such a personal message in return is gold. Thank you Novak.”

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    Two more charged with alleged attempted murder of Menai man

    2019 - 03.16

    Two more people have been charged over the alleged attempted murder of a Menai man, 45, on Sunday, February 1, at Picnic Point.

    Police said Dean Yarnton fell asleep in his car as his wife Sharon drove him home from a Merrylands function in the early hours of Sunday.

    But when he woke up in his Nissan Navara in the Georges River National Park, Picnic Point, he found a gas bottle inside and diesel fuel poured outside.

    There was a second nine-kilogram gas bottle near the car’s petrol tank, police said.

    His 48-year-old wife — a senior Corrective Services officer — was charged on Monday with his attempted murder.

    Later that day, Fady Houda, 48, and Monique Hayes, 23, went to Miranda police station to meet Bankstown detectives.

    The pair were charged with attempted murder.

    Ms Hayes and her partner Ms Houda did not apply for bail which was refused in Sutherland Court on Tuesday.

    The Yarntons recently sold their four-bedroom, Menai home but were living together at the time of the alleged murder attempt.

    In the past few years, Mrs Yarnton has posted many loving tributes to her husband and never hinted at any relationship breakdown.

    Mrs Yarnton, Ms Hayes and Mr Houda will remain in custody until their court appearance in March.

    A NSW Corrective Services spokesman said Mrs Yarnton had been suspended without pay from her duties.

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