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    2019 - 04.16

    Are they birds or lizards?: Dinosaur Island is the first portrayal of recently discovered feathered dinosaurs.TheBlue Mountains take centre stage in a soon-to-be-released film from Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Matt Drummond.

    The area’s classic beauty forms one of the backdrops for his latest film, Dinosaur Island, a children’s story featuring feathered dinosaurs.

    The film’s release will cap off a stellar year for Drummond, who received an Emmy Award in September for his work as art director on the US History Channel production Big History.

    His independently funded Dinosaur Island will be released nationally on February 14 and has already had rave reviews.

    Drummond’s vision has caused some heated debate among paleontology buffs by depicting feathered, colourful dinosaurs which are in keeping with recent groundbreaking scientific findings.

    “Recent discoveries in China of feathered tyrannosaur species such as yutyrannus huali, Guanlong wucaii and Dilong paradoxus all provide us with solid evidence that tyrannosaurus-like other theropods had feathers,” Drummond said.

    “I knew there would be some controversy, especially since [director] Colin Trevorrow’s decision not to include feathered dinosaurs in Jurassic World, but we had no idea it would garner the attention it has.”

    Starring two young Australians in the lead roles, the film was shot on location in Vanuatu and in The Blue Mountains.

    A special screening will take place in Katoomba on February 8 to thank the community, whom he said had “got behind the film in every way”.

    It will be followed by a national release through Hoyts Cinemas.

    Drummond said he wanted to promote Australian films in what he said was a rapidly changing landscape for the industry.

    “In my opinion, Australian audiences have evolved,” he said.

    “They want to see Australian films but our culture is multicultural, and its audiences are sophisticated and expect the same level of production values and entertainment from Australian films as they get from Hollywood.

    “It’s wonderful to see something that’s striving for what everyone wants to see in cinema — and that is entertainment.”

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