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  • Hornridge and Olympic Dam secure spot in final

    2019 - 02.16

    TANGLE: Andamooka’s Troy Mulders gets tangled up with Olympic Dam wicketkeeper Brendan Hill.

    CUT: Andamooka’s Dan Wescombe cuts a ball away.

    PACE: Olympic Dam paceman Adrian Harris leaps into his delivery stride.

    Dispatching Andamooka at last weekend’s Twenty20 match was a mere formality for Roxby’s ‘Kings of Cricket’ Olympic Dam.

    7/81 from 20 overs was never going to be enough to stop the Devils.

    The only thing the ‘Roos won on the day was the toss.

    OD’s bowling combination kept the run rate to a minimum with A Hand picking up late wickets for a 3/19 haul.

    N Reader and D Wescombe with 21 each were the only batsmen to give the OD bowling attack a run for their money, be it only a light run.

    81 from 20 overs looked a walk in the park for the green and gold, however P Glover walked back to the bar in the first over with 1, much to the delight of the embattled Andamooka.

    The excitement was short lived with OD’s Bennett pooping the ‘Roos party making a speedy 35.

    B Hill decided to up the ante, having a crack with 26 before being cut down mid stride.

    Andamooka changing the bowlers nine times in the innings was like throwing a handful of wheat and hoping to hit something.

    Always in control, Olympic Dam finished off the ‘Roos in the 15th over, four wickets down.

    The match between contenders Hornridge and the Rogues was a thriller not a chiller.

    A heartbroken Rogues watched their chance of having ago at dethroning Olympic Dam at Friday’s Twenty20 grand final disappear by the smallest of margins.

    Needing 10 runs off the last over Hornridge must have had toes, fingers and legs crossed in hope they could overcome Rogues bowler Daniel Fisher.

    With one ball left in the over and scores level it was the all or nothing shot that would take them to the grand final.

    In what must have been a surreal slow motion moment, Fisher delivered the ball, all eyes watching ball go to bat.

    The batsmen hit a top edge, all eyes now on the ball and fielder Dave Kovac.

    Imagine this is a slow motion scene in a movie.

    Cut to the ball spinning towards fielder Dave Kovack, close up of Dave Kovack’s face focused on the ball, cut to the ball entering his hand, cut to the anguish on Kovack’s face, cut to the ball falling from his hand.

    Hornridge scrambles to make the winning run.

    Goodnight nurse for another year and back to the nets for the Rogues.

    Hornridge 6/99 defeated Rogues 6/98.

    The question is will the Hornridge Wanderers’ luck hold out for Friday’s clash against Olympic Dam.

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