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  • LONG BLOWS: Elvis, knighthood and the Latin language

    2019 - 06.16

    We have watched with interest the progress and subsequent success of the now famous ‘Elvis Festival’ at Parkes. Possibly some Boorowa fans of ‘The King’ may have visited Parkes during the recent festivities. While not an Elvis aficionado, your columnist has always admired the initiative and determination of the people who conceived, and then organised, the unlikely pairing of a prominent American ‘rock and roll’ singer with an Australian country town.

    The growth of this phenomenon is highly intriguing. And we wonder, when it was first mooted, how many people at Parkes said: ‘It will never succeed,’ or ‘It will be a waste of money,’ or yet again ‘Why don’t we do what other towns are doing?’

    Whatever anyone suggests there are always the ‘knockers’, people who’ve never achieved anything themselves and don’t want anyone else to. In country towns there are those who view with suspicion anyone or anything which is different from their own narrow perception. Thank God there are people who are prepared to think outside the square and be creative. The people of Parkes enjoy the spending power of some 20,000 visitors each year because somebody was prepared, as they say, to ‘have a go.’


    We think that our embattled Prime Minister should now ‘go all the way,’ as they say and confer an Australian knighthood on the Pope. This could have some positive results for someone who is ‘on the nose,’ with voters. For instance, it would be popular in the Catholic community, and would certainly be applauded by those fond of wearing funny clothes. And no doubt His Holiness, who has a well developed sense of humour, would see the funny side. After all, in the wake of Tony’s knighting of the husband of a foreign monarch people are still laughing.


    Both the Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and our Prime Minister are no doubt familiar with the Latin language, even though it has been long dead. They might then appreciate the old Latin phrase: Vox populi, vox dei, which means: ‘The voice of the people is the voice of god.’

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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