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  • Tinkler’s lawyers ‘ready to go’ on Jets dispute

    2019 - 04.16

    Gallop tells Tinkler to move quickly or else

    Joel Griffiths up for Brisbane if selected

    NATHAN Tinkler has reportedly vowed to call in the lawyers as a stand-off with the FFA over the Newcastle Jets’ futurelooms.

    Tinkler told The World Game he believed the code’s governing body and Scottish club Dundee United, who had previously shown interest in buying the Hunter club, were “conspiring to kick me out of the game”.

    The former billionaire said he had the support of Adelaide United chairman Greg Griffin and Brisbane Roar chief Chris Fong despite a bumpy road in the first few weeks of 2015that saw an exodus of coaching and playing staff.

    Tinkler said a successor for former chief executive Robbie Middleby was also planned to be announced on Monday, but that plan was scuppered due to ongoing coverage of an FFA deadline for the club to settle its debts.

    The coal magnate took aim at Dundee United and A-League boss David Gallop for what he argued was unfair treatment.

    “I very much doubt FFA has the resources to run the club itself and probably doesn’t have much more than $2 million to spend,” Tinkler told The World Game.

    “It just wants to give the licence to [Dundee’s]Stephen Thompson as fast as it can.”

    “Meanwhile, I am trying to push ahead with re-structuring the club, paying debts, appointing a CEO and signing players while FFA sits back and sets the bar higher and higher.”

    The Jets owner said he understood Stephen Thompson and David Gallop met on Tuesday “andthere is obviously a plan there to place me under as much duress as possible in the expectation I will roll over and go away”.

    “Well, it’s not going to happen,” Tinkler reportedly said.

    “It’s pretty clear that FFA and Dundee United are conspiring to kick me out of the game, so that Stephen Thompson can then be handed the licence for next to nothing. It’s a licence I paid a fortune for.”

    Tinkler has previously attempted to hand the Jets’ licence back to the FFA over the price he paid to take over the club.

    The Jets and former Knights owner said other A-League clubs had faced financial strain that was dealt with less publicly.

    “But, in my case, the FFA has chosen to play it out in the press and leak information and brief people because it suits their own agenda,” Tinkler said.

    “I have told the FFA all along that the debts that are due will be paid by the middle of February as we recapitalise the club … but they have continually changed the goal posts and imposed deadlines the whole way.”

    “My lawyers are ready to go on this and we will certainly be serving an injunction to stop FFA taking the club.

    “I have basically been set up to fail and Dundee United have been lined up to take over.”

    Tinkler said he planned to reveal a replacement for Jets chief executive Robbie Middleby, who resigned in January, on Monday but decided against it due to coverage of the January 31 deadline the FFA set for unpaid debts.

    “He’s a high calibre individual and had accepted the job and I was about to announce his appointment when the FFA stole my thunder and basically sabotaged the situation,” Tinkler told The World Game.

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